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Mennonite Heritage Collection:  In the 1940's a chapter of the Minnesota Historical society was organized at Mountain Lake High School.  The most ambitious project undertaken by this student group was compiling and publishing a cookbook of Mennonite recipes and customs to preserve the traditions of the then dominant ethnic group in the community.  The cookbook, "Off the Mountain Lake Range", was published in 1949 and revised in 1958.  Proceeds from the sale of the cookbook were used to purchase books by and about Mennonites for the Mountain Lake Public Library.  Today the collection includes historical, theological, and sociological data on the Mennonites, Hutterites, and Amish.  The cookbook is still in print and requests to purchase copies come from all over the U.S. and Canada.  The proceeds from the cookbook sales continue to fund this special collection.  All materials are available through interlibrary loan.

Native American Collection:  The Redwood Falls Public Library has developed a Native American collection with a focus on the Dakota tribe.  Included in the collection are both children's and adult fiction and non-fiction books, video cassettes, audio cassettes, art prints and a variety of pamphlet materials.  Collection development began with a grant from the Minnesota Library Foundation in 1991.  Donations continue to be received to purchase additional materials.  All materials except the art prints are available for inter-library loan.  A bibliography is also available upon request.

Polish Collection:  The Ivanhoe community celebrates it's Polish heritage annually during the August Polish Days.  The Ivanhoe Public Library promotes interest in this heritage by collecting books relating to Poland.  The collection includes fiction, recipes, customs and folklore, legends, history and atlases.  All books are available on interlibrary loan.

Songbook Collection:  The Slayton Public Library has developed a collection of over 400 songbooks.  This project began in 1979 with grant monies administered through the Plum Creek Library System and the collection continues to expand.  It now includes music for Christmas and other holidays, weddings, singing and dancing games and other music books for children, country western, hymns and other sacred music, popular songs, all time favorites, rock & roll, big bands, national and patriotic, spirituals, folk music, songs from operettas and complete Broadway musicals.  The library staff maintains an title index to all songs in the collection, now numbering over 14,000 unique titles.  A bibliography of the songbooks in the collection is available at each PCLS library and all books are available through interlibrary loan.


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