Staff & Governing Board


Elizabeth Hoffman

Office Administrator
Rebecca Hudson

Financial Administrator
Cleo Wicks

Network Systems Administrator
Joel Sasse

Barb Kruse

Interlibrary Loan Coordinator
Anne Ouellette

Courier Drivers
Ken Walsh
Dwayna Paplow
Carl Hallum

Governing Board

Cottonwood County:
Comm. Donna Gravley, Windom
Arlene Erickson, Westbrook

Jackson County:
Comm. Cathy Hohenstein, Lakefield (Chair-Elect)
Cindy Albrecht, Jackson

Lincoln County:
Comm. Corey Sik, Lake Benton
Pat Haynes, Lake Benton

Lyon County:
Comm. Charles Sanow, Marshall (Secretary)
Michael Murray, Ghent
Rhonda Fredericks, Tracy

Murray County:
Comm. Lori Gunnink, Lake Wilson (Treasurer)
Katie Fuoss, Slayton

Nobles County:
Comm. Bob Paplow, Bigelow
Kathy Craun, Worthington
To be filled

Pipestone County:
Comm. Dallas Roskamp, Pipestone
Mary Ann DeGrote, Pipestone

Redwood County:
Comm. Rick Wakefield, Redwood Falls (Chair)
Robin Stegner, Redwood Falls
Hannah Clark, Wabasso

Rock County:
Comm. Sherri Thompson, Luverne
Vonnie Nergaard, Luverne

Advisory Council Liaison
Scott Sobocinski, Wabasso

January, March, May, July, August, and November will serve as Committee meeting months or no meeting will be called  depending on the circumstances at the time.

Note: You will be notified in advance if changes need to be made to the schedule for reasons beyond our control, e.g., weather, meeting room availability, etc.

Approved: October 21, 2014