Interlibrary Loan Tips

If your library doesn’t have the item or information you need, don’t despair. Your library has no walls! Through your own library, you can obtain almost anything you need through other libraries. Books, DVDs, CDs, magazines, articles, and information, all may be delivered to your library for you.

Some interlibrary loan reminders:

  • Be sure what you need is not in your own library. Even if they don’t have a particular item that you want, they may have the information you need in another book or in some other format. Ask your librarian for help.
  • Plan ahead. If there is a date after which you can no longer use the information, order early and let your librarian know your deadline. They cannot usually tell you exactly how long it will take something to come.
  • Some things are not always available from other libraries. Examples are reference books, very new or in-demand books, rare or very expensive books, most genealogical resources, and some audio-visual materials.
  • It is important to return interlibrary loan materials promptly in order to maintain the privilege of having this service.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, ask your librarian for help. Interlibrary loan may be the answer!