Legislative Links

Much of the funding for our system, and for library services in general, comes from the state and federal goverments. It is important for libraries and library users to let their elected officials know how important library services are to themselves and to all citizens.

Below is a list of the legislators from districts in our area. Click on a name to find addresses, phone numbers, e-mail links, and other information. If you don't know which is your district or representative, go to the Minnesota State Legislature site.

To contact your legislators, see the Minnesota legislature's Contact your Senator and Contact your House Member web pages.

Your city council members and county commissioners are also important people to contact.

Minnesota Legislature

District 15 - Senator Gary H. Dahms
District 15A - Rep. Chris Swedzinski
District 15B - Rep. Paul Torkelson
District 21 - Senator Bill Weber
District 21A - Rep. Joe Schomacker
District 21B - Rep. Marj Fogelman