Library Links

Prairielands - our multi-county, multi-type system, providing services to public, academic, school, and special libraries in Plum Creek and Pioneerland library systems.

State Library Services - a division of the MN Department of Education, and the state library administrative agency responsible for supporting and advocating for all MN Libraries.

Minnesota Library Association - state professional association for librarians.

American Library Association - national professional association for librarians.

Minnesota Center for Book Arts - devoted to stimulating public interest in books, reading, and libraries.

ipl2 - annotated, searchable subject guide to the web compiled by public librarians.

LibraryThing - LibraryThing is a social cataloging website for storing and sharing book catalogs, used by individuals, authors, libraries and publishers. There are 1.6 million users and 80 million items catalogued.

Camp Read-a-Lot