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EBSCO Databases

Auto Repair Source

Auto Repair Source provides the most accurate, authoritative and up-to-date service and repair information for thousands of domestic and imported vehicles.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports provides trusted information for making the smart choice with thorough product comparisons with Consumer Reports' (CR) comprehensive archive of expert, unbiased product reviews.

Legal Information Center

Legal Information Reference Center is an online database designed to assist the general public in legal matters of all kinds.

NoveList Plus offers recommendations for titles, authors, and series, as well as audiobooks.

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New Scholastic Digital Resources Available for Young Learners

Six different sets of online activities have been shared with your local libraries to provide at-home fun and educational videos and activities.

By clicking the links below, you will be lead to the various pages that will keep you and your kids entertained for hours!

TrueFlix, offering dozens of units to supplement social studies and science core curricula learning.

FreedomFlix, an exciting digital resource that will engage even the most reluctant readers!

Teachables, educator-created and expert-vetted teaching materials.


BookFlix, where stories and nonfiction connect!


ScienceFlix, science for the next generation!

Watch and Learn, launching new learning adventures and discussions!

Watch and Learn

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